Essay Writing - A Fun and Engaging Way to Explore Evidence

Submitted by alison.hansen on Fri, 03/10/2023 - 16:17
student writing an essay

Writing an essay where students explore different sides of an issue, find and sort through evidence, and cite it in their own essays is a significant part of the writing core in Utah state standards.  Students explore the differences between opinions and facts while they both read examples of and write their own persuasive/argumentative essays.  Students in language art class have written on a wide range of fun and engaging topics - everything from persuading their parents to get them this or that gift for Christmas to the merits of vending machines and types of snack food in schools.  Recently, students just wrapped up a unit on if bugs are a good source of protein or not which culminated in an extra exciting day where students could even try out a bug if they wanted to.  Middle-schoolers loved the "ewww" factor, many of them gave bugs a try (and even a few staff members!).  Many thanks to our English teachers for creating fun and engaging lessons students love to participate in and will remember!