Meditation Club

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Meditation Club
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I want to thank you all for supporting your child’s participation in the meditation club at Spring Canyon Middle School. I hope the students are enjoying the group as much as I am.

This week, I have given the students a small homework assignment and any support or encouragement you can give them to complete the assignment will be greatly appreciated. I have asked them to think of something they appreciate about each of their teachers and one other adult and then, within the next week, share what they appreciate with each person on their list. I will attach the pdf of the assignment to this email.

This Thursday the Middle School Orchestra is having their concert at 6:00 pm. We will still be meeting for our club, however those students participating in the concert are not expected to attend the meditation club meeting. My wife and I are planning on being at the concert to support the students so please say hello if you can.

Next, we are having some Meditation Club t-shirts made and I need to know the t-shirt size of your child. Please respond to this email with their desired size. There is no charge for the shirts…a local business has offered to pick up the cost for us.

And finally, attached is a photo I took of the students ‘posing’ in their meditation postures…enjoy 

I am very proud of each of the students participating and I look forward to our time together.