May Newsletter

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May Newsletter

Please click here (English Version) to access our May Newsletter, it has lots of great information to help you stay informed of happenings here at our awesome middle school.


Quick reminder about our dress code - more information is in the bulletin, but here's a quick summary since this can become an issue in May.  Shorts need to be mid-thigh (fingertip length is a good rule of thumb), tummies need to be covered, and tank tops need a wide strap (no spaghetti straps).  Thank you in advance!


Haga clic aquí (versión en español) para acceder a nuestro boletín de mayo, que tiene mucha información excelente para ayudarlo a mantenerse informado sobre lo que sucede aquí en nuestra increíble escuela secundaria.

Próximamente versión en español


​Recordatorio rápido sobre nuestro código de vestimenta: encontrará más información en el boletín, pero aquí hay un resumen rápido, ya que esto puede convertirse en un problema en mayo. Los pantalones cortos deben llegar hasta la mitad del muslo (la longitud de las yemas de los dedos es una buena regla general), el abdomen debe estar cubierto y las camisetas sin mangas deben tener un tirante ancho (sin tirantes finos). ¡Gracias de antemano!



​​​​​Please click here for the English version of the SCMS counseling newsletter

​​​​​Haga clic aquí para obtener la versión en español del boletín de asesoramiento de SCMS

Orchestra Concert

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Our school was ringing with beautiful music from our orchestra classes recently as they performed their Spring Concert.  Mr. Taylor's program is big and only getting bigger as we had three different concerts with many musical numbers that our students had worked so hard to prepare for.  Big thank you to all the parents that have support their students this year in orchestra and in the arts.  Thank you and thank you to Mr. Taylor and his students for the wonderful night of music they were able to provide for our community!

Wonderful Spring Band Concerts

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Tonight, our bands sounded amazing at every concert, captivating audiences with their mesmerizing performances. From the rhythmic beats to the beautiful melodies, each note resonated with passion and precision, leaving an impression on all who listened. The unwavering support and guidance provided by our music educators have truly cultivated an environment where our students can flourish and shine. Tonight's concerts was a testament to the transformative power of music education and the boundless potential of our talented musicians.


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Our DLI Chinese class soared to new heights at the language fair, showcasing unparalleled dedication and skill. With unwavering commitment and passion, we not only captured the attention of the audience but also secured victory, proudly bringing home two trophies. Through countless hours of practice and a collaborative spirit, we demonstrated mastery of the language and culture, impressing judges and peers alike. This triumph is a testament to our collective effort and the remarkable journey of learning and growth we've embarked upon together.