New to SCMS? We Look Forward to Meeting You!

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If you are new to Spring Canyon, please start by registering your student.  Either refer to the Registration tab on our school website or click HERE - follow the steps as prompted.  If you have children in multiple schools, you can register them all in one setting.  However, make sure to note the course selection forms on our Spring Canyon Registration page so your student can select courses for the middle school.  

Most fifth grade students from our 7 feeder elementary schools recently visited us and have likely registered for the 24-25 school year.  Whether you are a 5th grader who has already visited us or a new-to-the area student, please see the following link for a cheerful and informative e-book.  

Welcome to SCMS!

STEM and Science Fair

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Wow! Is all we can say about our wonderful students that participated in the STEM and science fair. Our future is bright. Look threw these photos and see what awesome things are being done.

Keva Challenge

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During our rewards activity some students elected to go to the library and got to build structures. They had a great time building things and challenging each other. Click on this article to see other pictures.

PACK Leaders

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We are proud of our PACK leaders this week!  Congratulations and thank you for being amazing examples of being: Positive Accountable Courageous and Kind!

More 7th grade science

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We did Balloon Rockets to close up Newton’s 2nd Law and begin the 3rd. They altered force (how much they filled up the balloon) and mass (taping Pennies on it) to get their balloons to land on a certain mark. Then as we’ve been learning about equal and opposite reactions, we’ve been relating it back to that experiment.