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7th Graders and Seatbelts

Submitted by angela.youd on Mon, 05/23/2022 - 11:18

7th graders had a chance to ride on the Highway Patrol Seatbelt Convincer and experience a simulated crash at 5mph. While having a little fun, students examined this experience to recognize all of Newton’s Laws of Motion.

#welcometothepack #partofthepack #scms #riseup #neboschooldistrict

PACK Leaders

Submitted by angela.youd on Fri, 05/20/2022 - 10:28

We are so proud of these students for representing our PACK! They earned a recognition note, a candy bar, a vending machine token, and hopefully they also get a milkshake when they get home! ;)

#welcometothepack #partofthepack #scms #riseup #neboschooldistrict

Braiding Hair

Submitted by angela.youd on Thu, 05/19/2022 - 10:27

Mr. Andersen's CCA classes learned how to do a basic braid this week! We've got some very talented aspiring hairstylists here at SCMS! 

#cca #partofthepack #nebo #riseup

Mindful Monday

Submitted by angela.youd on Mon, 05/16/2022 - 15:19

Today for Wellness Week the counselors taught a yoga class during lunch! Join in tomorrow for Together Tuesday by wearing school colors and designing Kindness Rocks in the Lecture Hall at lunch!