New to SCMS? We Look Forward to Meeting You!

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If you are new to Spring Canyon, please start by registering your student.  Either refer to the Registration tab on our school website or click HERE - follow the steps as prompted.  If you have children in multiple schools, you can register them all in one setting.  However, make sure to note the course selection forms on our Spring Canyon Registration page so your student can select courses for the middle school.  

Most fifth grade students from our 7 feeder elementary schools recently visited us and have likely registered for the 24-25 school year.  Whether you are a 5th grader who has already visited us or a new-to-the area student, please see the following link for a cheerful and informative e-book.  

Welcome to SCMS!

7th Graders and Seatbelts

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7th graders had a chance to ride on the Highway Patrol Seatbelt Convincer and experience a simulated crash at 5mph. While having a little fun, students examined this experience to recognize all of Newton’s Laws of Motion.

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PACK Leaders

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We are so proud of these students for representing our PACK! They earned a recognition note, a candy bar, a vending machine token, and hopefully they also get a milkshake when they get home! ;)

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Braiding Hair

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Mr. Andersen's CCA classes learned how to do a basic braid this week! We've got some very talented aspiring hairstylists here at SCMS! 

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Mindful Monday

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Today for Wellness Week the counselors taught a yoga class during lunch! Join in tomorrow for Together Tuesday by wearing school colors and designing Kindness Rocks in the Lecture Hall at lunch!