May Newsletter

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May Newsletter

Please click here (English Version) to access our May Newsletter, it has lots of great information to help you stay informed of happenings here at our awesome middle school.


Quick reminder about our dress code - more information is in the bulletin, but here's a quick summary since this can become an issue in May.  Shorts need to be mid-thigh (fingertip length is a good rule of thumb), tummies need to be covered, and tank tops need a wide strap (no spaghetti straps).  Thank you in advance!


Haga clic aquí (versión en español) para acceder a nuestro boletín de mayo, que tiene mucha información excelente para ayudarlo a mantenerse informado sobre lo que sucede aquí en nuestra increíble escuela secundaria.

Próximamente versión en español


​Recordatorio rápido sobre nuestro código de vestimenta: encontrará más información en el boletín, pero aquí hay un resumen rápido, ya que esto puede convertirse en un problema en mayo. Los pantalones cortos deben llegar hasta la mitad del muslo (la longitud de las yemas de los dedos es una buena regla general), el abdomen debe estar cubierto y las camisetas sin mangas deben tener un tirante ancho (sin tirantes finos). ¡Gracias de antemano!



​​​​​Please click here for the English version of the SCMS counseling newsletter

​​​​​Haga clic aquí para obtener la versión en español del boletín de asesoramiento de SCMS

Yearbooks - LAST CALL to order!

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This upcoming Fri (Mar 1), is the last day you can preorder a yearbook - preordering guarantees you will receive one in May.  Most families interested in ordering a yearbook prepaid back in Aug when school fees were due, so this reminder is only for families that did not preorder and pay at that time.  Preordered yearbooks cost $18.

Student of the month

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At Spring Canyon Middle School, our awesome Students of the Month exemplify dedication, leadership, and a commitment to excellence in all they do. These outstanding individuals consistently demonstrate admirable qualities both inside and outside the classroom, inspiring their peers and teachers alike. Their passion for learning, compassion for others, and willingness to go above and beyond make them shining examples of the values we strive to instill in all our students. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and the positive impact they have on our school community.

Youth Harmony Day

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Youth Harmony Day
Provided by the Saltaires - a barbershop quartet choir based in SLC. 
Choir from all over the state come and spend the day up in
Salt Lake and learn
skills and techniques through a few new songs, and then perform a
concert in the afternoon. 
Sounds like they do lots of fun activities.


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BMX 50 brought an electrifying energy to our school with their engaging assembly, where they not only showcased impressive BMX skills but also delivered a powerful message about the significance of kindness. Their presentation resonated deeply with all of us, highlighting how small acts of kindness can create a ripple effect of positivity in our school community and beyond. It was a memorable experience that left a lasting impact, inspiring us to embody kindness in our daily interactions.

Squid Dissection

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The Spring Canyon Middle School's 7th-grade science department boasts an exceptional program that engages students in hands-on learning experiences. Recently, they organized a fascinating activity where students dissected squid, delving into their internal anatomy with enthusiasm and curiosity. This immersive exploration not only deepened their understanding of marine biology but also sparked their interest in scientific inquiry.