Dual Immersion

Spring Canyon Middle School is proud to be a Dual Immersion school in both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.  Students from both Westside Elementary (Spanish) and Sage Creek Elementary (Chinese) feed into our middle school.  Students in Dual-Language Immersion (DLI) began in either kindergarten (Spanish) or 1st gr (Chinese) and continued through elementary school with half of their instruction each day in each grade in their  target language.  Once in middle school, students in both 6th gr and 7th gr will take two periods of their target language.    

DLI students leave elementary school and enter middle school fluently speaking, reading, and writing Spanish or Chinese and continue on their study of the Spanish or Chinese language and culture in junior high and high school years.  Students who remain with the program are prepared to take AP Spanish or Chinese as a 9th or 10th grader and concurrent enrollment 2000 and 3000 level Spanish or Chinese classes during their high school years.  Concurrent classes are instructed at the high school level (Springville High School in our area) in partnership with a university professor from either UVU or BYU.  Students leave high school just shy of a college minor in their target language.  Utah has approximately 20% of its public schools as dual immersion schools in languages of Spanish, Chinese, German, Portuguese, French, and Russian.  The state's dual immersion website has additional information you may be interested in, the link is included below this paragraph.  Also included is a link to the target pathway for DLI students.

Utah State Office of Education Dual Immersion Website

Instructional Model including Target Language Pathway 

Students enroll into our DLI programs from our two Nebo District DLI elementary schools.  Students should take DLI classes only if they have been involved in one of these DLI programs or another DLI program throughout the state or country.  If you or your student have been involved in a DLI program in another district, please work directly with one of our school counselors to get enrolled in the appropriate DLI classes at the middle school.   If students do not live in the boundaries of Spring Canyon Middle, Springville Junior High and/or Springville High, they can go through the open enrollment process to attend these schools.