School Community Council

School Community Council


Joining community council is a great way to be involved!  The community council is a group comprised of parents and staff members that meet monthly.  The council serves as an advisory board to the principal.  One of the primary responsibilities of the council is overseeing the Trust Land funds as well as various other responsibilities including student online safety, curriculum review, and safe walking routes.

We are always looking for parents who would like to join our council - if you are interested, please call the front office and share your interest.  Elections for each school year, if needed, are held in August.  

22-23 Community Council Members

22-23 Meeting Dates

-Rules of Order and Procedure

Trustlands Plans

- September 14, 2022 Agenda

-September 14, 2022 Minutes/Notes

- October 19, 2022 Agenda

- October 19, 2022 Minutes/Notes

- November 9, 2022 Agenda

- November 9, 2022 Minutes/Notes

- December 14, 2022 Agenda

- December 14, 2022 Minutes/Notes

- January 11, 2023 Agenda

- January 11, 2023 Minutes/Notes

- February 8, 2023 Agenda

- February 8,2023 Minutes/Notes

- March 8, 2023 Agenda

- March 8, 2023 Minutes/Notes

- April 19, 2023 Agenda

- April 19, 2023 Minutes/Notes

Trust land Funds: Approximately $146,140 which is spent to help students increase their learning throughout the year. The council reviews, approves, and changes the School Improvement Plan as well as the TSSA plan and all monies spent from Trust land funds to benefit our students. Along with elected members, additional parents are always invited to attend the scheduled meetings.