We look forward to an exciting 23-24 school year of intramurals! 

Included below is our 23-24 information so you can get a feel for what is offered - each year is a little bit different, but this will give you a good idea of how intramurals classes are offered.  Most intramurals are held after school, one or two days a week for several weeks in a row but some are held before school.  

23-24 Info:  We are excited about our year of intramurals!   We provide a wide variety of activities, things our students are interested in.  Our intramural calendar is located here so you can see the year at-a-glance.   We will have permission slips available in the office and here on our website as each activity approaches.

2023-2024 Intramural Calendar (English)

Ballroom Dance: Permission Slip Due Friday, Sep 15th

Pickleball: Permission Slip Due Tuesday, Sep 5th

Dungeons and Dragons:  Permission Slip Due Tuesday, Oct 3rd

Math Competition Club: Permission Slip Due Wednesday, Nov 1st

Fine Arts Elementary Tours: Permission Slip Due Tuesday, Nov 21st

Arts and Crafts: Permission Slip Due Thursday, Nov 30th

STEM/Science Fair: Permission Slip Due Tuesday, Dec. 19th

Service Club: Permission Slip Due Tuesday, January 16th

Math Club 2.0: Permission Slip Due Tuesday, January 23rd

Lego Club: Permission Slip Due Monday, January 29th

Anime Club: Permission Slip Due Thursday February 1st