Mr. Parkers Class

Submitted by brittany.lundell on Mon, 09/26/2022 - 15:53
Mr. Parkers Class

Mr. Parker said:

In my CCA (College and Career Awareness) Class students are mapping out their “future life” through answering questions to 6 core topics, place they want to live, what do they want to live in (House, mansion, apartment, condo), a type of transportation they will to get around in (cars, publics transportation, walking or circling), choosing traditions from their families now they would like to take into their future families or add new ones and last describe hobbies they want to have and vacations they would like to take in the future.

Students take this future lifestyle they have created and find out what this lifestyle costs per month and year on a Utah website called Utah! This site allows them to get a small snapshot of what their future lifestyle might cost to help them see that things they desire can be achieved, with a cost.

During this unit of Supporting your Life Style, students are also taught  the importance of how and why getting on any good path or getting on a path that points them in a good direction matters the most. They are taught that things they have chosen in this simulation may change over time and from their desired careers but doors will open no matter what if they are headed in a good direction.


At the end students understand that they can do and have whatever they want if they have a good work ethic and keep integrity with their values. I am so proud of my student’s as they answered questions and made a budget for their future lifestyle. I never got this opportunity when I was in Middle school growing up? I love that I get to teach this at our school now and I hope the students are learning what I am teaching them at Spring Canyon. Lets Go SCMS Wolves!