Want to Share a Locker?

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Locker Survey

Lockers - we are short enough lockers for each student to have their own.    We have lots and lots, no need to worry, but many students in our junior highs and high schools just don't use lockers so while our builders put lockers in every nook and cranny, we are short a little bit but aren't overly worried knowing the trend of how students use lockers these days.  Each classroom has cubbies and hooks for students that like to carry around their backpacks anticipating many students prefer to keep their items with them.  We do know lockers are new and exciting, though, and are excited for out students to have that experience.  However, If you would like to share a locker with a friend and/or do not think you will use a locker, would you fill out the above form indicating that?  It would sure help us out!  (We are happy for you to have your own, though, please don't worry if that is your desire.)